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make your wedding eco chic October 29, 2008

When my sister got married a couple of years ago in a beautiful beautiful field, we could only wish to find a company that provides everything we could want to have a gorgeous get together that wouldn’t leave a mark on the planet

Think beeswax birthday candles that smell of the sweetest honey, so natural that they can melt away on your gorgeous cake and do no harm

Imagine rustic and natural wooden cutlery that is gentle on your delicious food and can be re-used before disappearing in a few weeks

Have bright, beautiful, bamboo bowls that have been hand coiled in Vietnam, bursting with fruit on your table

Ease you eco-conscience with compostable plates and biodegradable bowls

And sip on a steaming cup of hot chocolate this winter in a recycled cup overflowing with thick whipped cream and melting marshmallows

String up handmade, local, organic, fairtrade cotton bunting and infuse your parties year after year with festive flutter

So now it’s easy to be green and to eco your party, wedding, birthday, celebration, halloween, christmas, valentine’s day, new year’s eve, picnic, summer, easter, anniversary, friday


One Response to “make your wedding eco chic”

  1. ecomania Says:

    Thanks for stopping by shiho’s green studio! I enjoyed checking out your website! I see we both have the same goal…designing great parties while giving back to the nature. I look forward to checking your future party decorations!

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