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the search for a totally eco party October 29, 2008

I caught This Morning on ITV1 and after watching the car crash that is Kerry Katona, I saw the semi-finalists of their Mumpreneur competition and watched Helen Thomson of eco my party pitch her FANTASTIC company idea to camera.

Of course I checked out their website and LOVE their range of totally eco disposable party supplies that are 100% biodegradable. Now here’s a business that is providing something for all of us who have eco-guilt about using those polystyrene cups and plastic forks which NEVER biodegrade and not compromising on style either.

eco my party has decorations from gorgeous organic hand made and locally sourced bunting to beautiful butterflies, stars and hearts and even for those special occasions you can buy eco my party’s totally eco mini hot air balloon which is sent up into the night sky with the heat from a candle… and for anyone who watched or read Roald Dahl’s Danny the Champion of the World when they were younger, eco my party has come up trumps with these!


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