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eco my party’s new eco party pack! November 17, 2008

I found myself fancying an eco water bottle over the last couple of days and particularly like the Orla Kiely Wottle” at Ethical Superstore, although after reading a bit further I found it was mainly promoting Brita Water products and I really liked it for it’s amusing name! So have decided to stick to reusing my normal water bottles instead of wasting money as well as more plastic…but back to my original point…

This Next have a few people recommending the much loved eco my party‘s Totally Eco Disposable Party Pack….

Eco Party Pack

I must say, eco my party‘s Totally Eco Party Pack is filling a market that isn’t yet catered for, as indeed are their other products, the Totally Eco Disposable Picnic Set springs to mind. I like the fact that it is run by a girl who had a four day festival for a wedding and that it makes eco partying the easiest it could possibly be! Scoop all your party leftovers into the compostable bag it comes with and bury it all on your compost heap – FANTASTIC! 

I’ve had a sneaky look at their new packaging too, you get a teaser on their front holding page here and it is GORGEOUS! Elegant and all sorts of lovely, everyone will be able to see their repackaged party goodies on 1st December when they are launching their new brand – so look out!

The great thing about the Totally Eco Party Pack is that it contains everything you need for a party in one box – except for the food, of course! So while you’re shopping for your party food, birthday cake or Christmas pudding, you can now grab a Totally Eco Party Pack at the same time, hurrah! No more vile “paper” plates covered in plastic, no more foamy taste to your mulled wine, no more bags and bags of rubbish sitting outside your back door and flaccid balloons hanging from your gate for weeks on end, from 1st December onward an easy eco party is a click or a shop away in the Totally Eco Party Pack, and all is stylish, fabulous and 100% biodegradable!

The Totally Eco Party Pack is simple, it contains all your biodegradable plates, bowls, disposable cups for hot or cold drinks, natural recycled napkins, serving plates, gorgeous wooden cutlery, knives, forks and spoons, fairly traded FSC certified natural rubber balloons and biodegradable decorations

Eco Party Pack




2 Responses to “eco my party’s new eco party pack!”

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  2. Daisy Says:

    Good post!
    Arranging Eco parties sounds interesting. we need to be more enviroment friendly these days.

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