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New Packaging Launch February 10, 2009

There are loads of brand changes at the moment…Herbal Essences and Norwich Union (neither a recommendation, merely an observation from too much TV) and my favourite brand is soon introducing their new packaging too…eco my party! I know I talk about it a lot, but I’ve made friends with the lovely Helen who owns and runs the company from home with her hard-working husband and her two young children! She’s told me that at the beginning of March she’s hoping to bring out the new packaging in the style of the website’s opening page … and she’s guaranteed me first dibs on the new products in their beautiful new packaging…



Just a taster of the new range

Just a taster of the new range


So look out here for the first look at the new range….


Eco My Valentine – ECO your LOVE!



I never usually even recognise Valentine’s Day, I don’t feel the need to overspend on dinner when the meals are double the price, buy roses when they’ve tripled in price and the terrible waste of all those cheesy chat up lines just because someone said I had to! I do, deep deep down, have a tiny romantic bone in my body somewhere, and even though I don’t celebrate the much over-rated Valentine’s Day, I do HEART all the decorations and imaginative eco ways to Eco YOUR Valentine.



My much loved eco my party have these gorgeous white paper heart garlands which I have entwined around my door frame and their beautiful hanging willow lanterns are currently gently swaying from my rafters! And I’ve just discovered TreeHuggingFamily’s fantastic recommended homemade decorations which are stunning!