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Eco Friendly Parties! April 8, 2009

Eco My Party‘s eco friendly totally eco party packs are definately the way to celebrate the gorgeous spring this year!

Hand packed in popcorn and tied with string, these are the essential items to start all parties off with a bang


Totally Eco Party Pack

Totally Eco Party Pack


Eco My Party‘s totally eco party pack for 10 or 25 contains everything you need for a totally environmentally friendly party, with everything being totally compostable – just throw it on your compost heap at the end of the party and it’ll help to grow the food for the next party! 


Environmentally Friendly Party Pack

Environmentally Friendly Party Pack


The packs contain the most amazing, sustainably sourced wooden cutlery, fantastic, unbleached napkins, plates and bowls made from the by-product of the world’s sugar industry, bouncy fsc certified balloons and beautiful biodegradable decorations.

And all this comes packed tightly in popcorn in recycled boxes, wrapped in biodegradable twine with all the info you need on Eco My Party‘s delightful totally eco party pack tags. 

Totally Gorgeous Eco Tags

Totally Gorgeous Eco Tags


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